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Tim Richardson - 2016

One of the most well known Kansas riders of the late 70's, Tim Richardson was one of the first riders from the Midwest to earn a Factory sponsorship on a major team, He was picked up by the legendary BMX Products / Mongoose team in 1978.

Tim carried the number 1 plate in 1977, 1978 and 1979, NPSA, NBA and ABA respectively, for the state of Kansas. Tim made his magazine debut in Bicycle Motocross Action Magazine's coverage of the Jag World Championships in 1978. He started racing the early ABA PRO-AM events in 79 and with the help of a few others, went on to pioneer the first Pro Class in Kansas in early 1980. Tim recently passed in September of 2015 of natural causes, his legend lives on.

The Richardson family; By the end of 1977, Dirt Peddlers Bicycle shop closed it's doors along with the local track located behind Wirth and Sons Pallet Company on 37th street North just west of Broadway, Tim's parents, Dan and Edith Richardson with the help of Keith Wirth, stepped up to keep BMX going in Wichita by changing the design and re-opening the track under the name Midwestern Raceway, previously Dirt Peddlers track. They recruited the help of Doris Pascal and Paula Pryor to help with operations along with their daughter Becky. The Richardson family were gracious hosts to a number of in and out of state racers and were instrumental in the running of the Kansas Coliseum indoor races in 79 and 80.

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